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Your mind uses a creative principle and power in the
Universe that is the Source and Cause of all that exists.
You draw upon an infinite field of possibility, and that
which comes forth into manifestation is determined by the idea
you hold in mind. An invisible realm of Cause is always the
beginning point, and this realm of Cause always responds to
your thought and emotion.
What a liberating realization! Conditions and circumstances
are not random. They do not happen by chance. Your life
experience is a mirror of your patterns of thought, whether
conscious or unconscious. You are the designer of your destiny.
You are continually making and remaking your life experience,
and that process is an upward evolution of greater good in your
life. Any experience that feels uncomfortable or difficult for
you now is a point of growth. Rather than viewing any present
circumstance in your life not to your liking as a failure or a
mistake, consider allowing it to serve you as an opportunity to
become more conscious of the causes you are setting into motion
and to let go of any that limit your happiness and well-being.
You are on an ongoing journey of becoming more conscious
of the use you make of the creative power of Infinite Mind.
Thoughts are things, and your experience reflects your
thought. You have at every new turn the ability to change your
experience. Simply be Cause.
(Science of Mind – 6/15/14 – Daily Guide)

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